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China Hengli Sensor Co., Ltd, Since 2004.

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Our workshops and testing equipments

Our workshop and warehouse are clean and concise. In particular, we are equipped with three testing machines. We are the only one among all the sensor enterprises in China that is willing to spend a large amount of money to equip these testing devices. The machines include a 100T tension and compression testing machine, a 300T pressure testing machine, and a 1000T pressure testing machine.

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The production team, with their skilled hands and precise operation,
ensuring the high-quality output of our products.

Chen de hui

General Manager

wang ying chen

Technical Manager

wang jun

Production Manager

Lisa Tang

Testing Manager

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Hengli Sensor Co., Ltd is a sensor manufacturer that integrates the research and development, design, production, and sales of professional high-precision sensors.

The company is located in the economic center on the west coast of the Chinese Strait, known as the “Hawaii” of the East and the hometown of the maritime goddess Mazu – Putian, Fujian.

The company mainly produces digital sensors for weighing and force measurement, and customized load cells. For the past over 20 years, Hengli has strictly followed the relevant recommendations of the International Organization of Weights and Measures (OlML) to organize production, established a basic quality system based on ISO standards in production, and actively introduced CE certification and 5S management. Not only does it ensure a complete variety of products with good performance, but it also has long-lasting and durable characteristics such as anti-corrosion, waterproof, and shock-absorbing. In recent years, its products have been widely praised in industries such as machinery, scales, chemical, metallurgy, and scientific research. Hengli has gained a good reputation in the market for “creating the market with high-quality products and creating the brand with technology”, and has successively 315 consumer service units and advanced and outstanding quality units in Haixi.

“Our Mission: To provide the highest quality products and services to our customers!
Chen licheng
Founder, CEO

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Company Partners

The main cooperative partners of the company are many domestic metrology research institutes.

To provide the highest quality products and services to our customers.

hengli sensor co., ltd