HL-FLJ-2 Jack Force Verification Device

The HL-FLJ-2 jack force verification device consists of a movable crossbeam reaction frame and a standard force measuring instrument. This system has the characteristics of high automation, labor-saving, convenient operation, safety and reliability, and is suitable for the force value calibration/verification of construction jacks.


Force accuracy level 0.3/0.5
Rated load of reaction frame: 5000/10000kN
External dimensions of reaction frame (mm) (1560 * 1460 * 2550) can be customized according to customer requirements
Internal dimensions of the reaction frame (mm) (800 * 700 * 1400) can be customized according to customer requirements
Mobile space (mm) 300-1400
Reaction frame weight (kg) 17000
Reaction frame structure with four pillars and movable upper crossbeam

★ Use a dedicated hydraulic mobile trolley with a track support to move the jack into the reaction frame test bench
★ Use a moving crossbeam to adjust the height of the experimental space.