HL-TZD coaxiality standard force measuring instrument

The HL-TZD coaxiality standard force tester consists of a display position gauge, a double-sided electronic extensometer, and a standard testing bar. It is easy to operate and meets regulatory requirements. It is mainly used for testing the coaxiality of hydraulic/electronic tension, pressure, and universal material testing machines.


Measurement accuracy of 2%, resolution of 1um
Electronic extensometer with a gauge distance of 100m, accuracy of 0.5%, range of 2mm

★ Simultaneously display the deformation of the dual extensometer, automatically calculate and display the coaxiality measurement results according to regulations.
★ The test sample meets the requirements of 139-999 “Verification Regulations for Tension, Pressure and Universal Testing Machines” and 475-2008 “Electronic Universal Testing Machines”.
Working power supply AC220V ± 10% 52Hz
Standard configuration: 1 TZD-1 type testing position meter, 1 set of double-sided electronic extensometers, 1 set of standard test rods, and 1 instrument box