Jack cylinder pressure control system

The jack cylinder pressure control system consists of a hydraulic electric pump, servo control unit, precision control instrument, computer, and control software. It can precisely control the pressure of the jack cylinder and provide standard pressure load for jack calibration/verification.


Pressure control range 0-63mpa
Pressure holding accuracy ≤ 0.3%
Flow rate 0-10L/min
Pressure holding time ≥ 30min
Pressure relief time ≤ 60S
Pressure speed setting range: 0.03% -10% FS/s

*Automatic fixed-point detection, automatic quasi-static detection, real-time display of pressurization process curve, and automatic calculation of regression equation.
*The computer sets measurement points according to the calibration needs of the jack, and automatically pressurizes, maintains, tests, and calculates based on the set points.
Working power supply AC380V ± 10% 2kW