GYB-300CD extensometer calibration instrument

GYB -: The 300CD extensometer calibration instrument consists of a precision differential probe and a measuring bracket. The precision differential probe and support arm are combined in various ways or positions, and are equipped with extended column attachments, as well as various forms of separated samples such as cylinders, plates, and blades. According to the requirements of the JJG762-2007 extensometer calibration regulation, it is used to calibrate various types of extensometers


Maximum range 25mm
Measure the range of extensometer gauge length Lmax
Measure the installation aperture of the support arm on the support with a diameter of 10; φ28
Calibration instrument indication error range within 0.5mm ≤ 0.5um absolute error
Range above 0.5mm ≤ 0.10% relative error point by point
Standard configuration: 1 precision differential measuring head, 1 set of measuring bracket, 1 set of measuring accessories and tools, and 1 instrument box